Mash Tun Crackers have an emphasis on texture and consistency. They are not overloaded with imposing flavours, their character is simple yet moreish, a bit of sea salt and some poppy seeds are it, the rest of the work is up to you.

...That said, the malty flavour they do have, is certainly delicious, moreish enough to eat like a bag of chips and wholesome enough to end up replacing your lunch once you've done so.

Every brewery has a ‘mash tun’,  it’s a huge vessel that gets filled with malted and crushed barley to be ‘mashed’ or made sweet. The brewing process requires a massive amount of this malted barley in its process. Once the brewers have had their wicked way with the barley it’s left washed out, ‘spent’ void of its starch and sweet sugars.

Not only is this whole reuse of the spent grain a beautifully sustainable business practice, but it’s looking after you personally also!

We don’t add much, but what we do is very considered: rice bran oil, attacking  cholesterol, olive oil warding off disease, quinoa – the brain grain, regenerating your body cell by cell.

And of course there’s the spent brewers' grain. Malted barley washed free of its sugars and starches leaving only the healthy mix of fiber (70%), proteins (30%) and an impressive list of trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. This means a cracker more fiber and less calories! It’s all benefit and no degenerate.


This vast by-product has always been a problem for brewers, there’s no carpet in a brewery to sweep it under and dumping it all costs. It often goes to stock feed, though the cow’s amplified CO2 emissions (what a euphemism), due to all the extra work it does to break down the fiber, make this a less than ideal solution.

Brewing not only means a lot of spent grain, it means a lot of beer, and a lot of beer means a lot of contemplation. A lot of contemplation means... you get the picture... we ended up with a lot of crackers!

Since our initial concept we’ve worked hard on the recipe and technique, developing a delicious cracker with a focus on texture and restraint in flavour.

Sometimes in nature things just work together and everything seems right, a process just clicks into a perfect circle; in an act of wonderfully harmonious synergy, the exact same grain that made the beer you’re filling your guests’ glasses with, makes the crackers that you’re serving with it.

For product information, to enquire about stocking Mash Tun crackers or any general enquiries please email The Bloom Theory, call James on 021 888531 or call Mike on 022 324 1504